Mexican Sandwiches

I am alway struggling to find something good to eat for lunch around here that is quick and easy.  Because I don’t want to spend the majority of the day in the kitchen, usually lunch is a sandwich, and I cook a big meal for supper.  But there are only so many ways to fix a sandwich!!!!

These Mexican Sandwiches add a little variety to our lunches.  I always almost always have the ingredients on hand.  And…my crew devours them.  Thanks to my dear friend Tonya for sharing this recipe with me many years ago!!

I start seasoning and browning 1 lb of ground beef (for my family of 5).  You can flavor your ground beef with any of your favorite seasonings. I typically use fajita seasoning because no matter what I am using the ground beef for, it has a great flavor.  You can also use just salt and pepper.

Then I add in 1 can Rotel and ground cumin to taste.  I typically add a little water here because I want this to all simmer a bit and flavors blend together.  Then Velveeta.  (Fatal flaw … I am not a girl that takes time to measure, but more of a dump and taste girl.)  I think about 6-8 ounces of Velveeta is what I use.  You can certainly add more or less to your liking.


Now, I am going to perfectly honest, after you add in the cheese, it doesn’t look delicious.  But don’t let those eyes deceive you.


Then, I more or less make quesadillas.  Butter one side of the tortillas and put in your pan or on the griddle.  Add the meat and cheese mixture to one side of the tortilla and fold over.




Brown the tortilla on one side and flip to brown on the other side.  Top with a little sour cream.  Serve with chips and hot sauce.







And for the win … simple lunch and happy family!!!  Hope they enjoy!!!

Happy eating,

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