Hot or Mild???

Hot sauce that is.  Over the years, I have tried many hot sauce recipes.  I have made it all with fresh ingredients from scratch.  I have bought plenty of different brands. There is not one that we just love.

This semi-homemade hot sauce hits the spot with my crew.  I literally can not keep hot sauce around this house.  I make a batch and think we have some for a bit.  Next thing I know, its gone!!  Lucky for me, it takes no time at all to make a new batch.


Really it only requires these 3 simple ingredients, but you can spice it up with a few extra ones if you like.

I dump the jar of Pace, juice from the lime, and cilantro in my Vitamix (aka blender).  Here you can add jalapenos or seranos for a little extra heat.  You can also add garlic or cumin or whatever spices you like to give it a little extra yummy.

I usually use the medium Pace and add peppers to it.  Not really sure why I don’t just use the hot Pace instead.

Blend and Delicioso!!

Ours is not often around to get old, but because the base of the ingredients is the Pace, it doesn’t lose its flavor or go bad quickly.

And not to give away all my secrets, but when you take to a gathering with friends, it totally looks homemade.  All your friends will love it.  DO NOT tell them how easy it is!!










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