Our Story

Established in 1983 Perry Kirkland and his son Robby spent many years working long days feeding cattle before Kirkland grew into the operation it is today. In 1990, Robby left home for college at Texas Tech University where he met a farmer’s daughter, Amy. Today the couple have three children, Calleigh, Carson and Cydney who are the third generation to work at Kirkland Feedyard.

Kirkland Feedyard is home to a combination of customer and company owned cattle. Each year 35,000 head of cattle are marketed through the yard. Our business is managed with the realization that each day we are producing food to help feed other families. This vision keeps us grounded in our overall mission. As a team made up of about 20 employees we manage cattle health, feed and financing with a focus customer expectations, end use consumers and environmental sustainability.

Just like your family, we strive to put nutritious, healthy and affordable food on the table. The only difference is, we help make that food every day! We’re proud to be a part of the beef industry


Quality cattle make quality beef. At Kirkland we set high standards of production for our livestock, our crops and ourselves. From animal welfare to customer service, each small task at our yard is completed with excellence. Our purpose-driven mindset helps us feed beef cattle that meet the grade and consumers demand for a healthy product. In addition to the Feedyard, we also own a farm and ranching operation. By helping produce some of our own feed ingredients, we can ensure quality from the moment the crop is planted in the ground to the day cattle are sent to processing.


At Kirkland, we live by the golden rule “Treat others how you want to be treated.” From decisions on how to feed or treat cattle to our interactions with customers we believe in treating all people and animals with respect and compassion. Our mission is to provide more than bunk space to our customers. We strive to go above and beyond offering resources for cattle market information, financing and highly customized feeding strategies. Our customer's needs always come first.


Agriculture tradition runs generations deep in our family. We are committed to working as a family to raise quality beef that people around the world are proud to serve at their dinner tables. We take this responsibility seriously and work each day to make sure our legacy is leaving the beef industry and for our community better than we found it.

“Sometimes we get thrown into the whole commercial industry, corporate America stereotype because we feed more than 20,000 head a year. However, our feedyard has a family atmosphere, filled with people who work hard together to move our industry forward every day rain, shine or snow.”

— Robby Kirkland

The Kirkland Team


Robby Kirkland

Though he’s the boss man now, Robby has held nearly every single job at Kirkland Feedyard. His feeding days began as a teenager, helping his dad distribute rations in 5 gallon buckets. When Robby graduated from Texas Tech, it was an opportune time to grow the feedyard. Robby has expanded the custom feeding enterprise from it’s humble beginnings to the busy yard it is today. When not at the Feedyard, you can find him cheering on Calleigh, Carson and Cydney at their various sporting events.


Amy Kirkland

The Feedyard Mom, Amy is fueled by faith, family and beef. She manages social media and “agvocacy” for the Feedyard, telling the story of how feedlots fit into producing healthy beef. An excellent cook and busy mom, she’s a teacher at the local school and can often be found feeding her family beef or traveling with Carson, Calleigh and Cydney to their latest activity.


Perry & Melanie Kirkland

Perry and Melanie fell into the Feedyard business by accident. Looking to expand their farm, Perry purchased land and the cattle pens came as an added bonus. Though he never intended to use them for cattle, the prodding of neighbors encouraged him to begin custom feeding. Soon Kirkland Feedyard was born. Perry can still be found in the office and working around the yard and farm. Melanie became an office expert for the Feedyard, is now retired but can always be counted on to come back and help during busy seasons.