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Located near the town of Vega, Texas, Kirkland Feedyard provides a variety of services including custom cattle feeding, financing and risk management assistance. When you work with Kirkland, it’s a unique experience that is tailored to your specific cattle and marketing needs. Kirkland has become a trusted resource for cattlemen who want up to date information, control over cattle marketing and good cattle care at the feedlot stage.

Kirkland Feedyard began In the early 1980’s when Perry Kirkland purchased some land to expand his current farm. The Feedyard was an added bonus that Perry never intended to use. However, a close friend asked him to help feed out some cattle and the empty pens were soon filled and Kirkland Feedyard was born. For many years Perry and his son Robby fed cattle by hand using 5 gallon buckets. Over time, the feedyard evolved and today, Kirkland Feedyard is a refined cattle feeding operation serving a variety of customers. Surrounded by windmills and cropland, the 20,000 head feedyard is a family business that is proud to serve the cattle industry.

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There is NEVER a dull moment in the silage pit during harvest.

As quickly as trucks dump, that VERY large tractor begins packing the silage.

Packing silage pushes all the excess air out to eliminate spoiling and make it a perfect feed ingredient through the winter months.

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Kirkland Feedyard, Inc

Low stress animal handling is vital on feedyards. Feedyard managers depend on pen riders to manage stress amongst cattle. Pen riders move cattle to their pens when they arrive, monitor them for health issues daily and ease them out of pens if they need to be treated for an illness. #FeedyardFactFriday ...

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Producing quality beef with integrity, commitment, and customer service.
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