Why We Tell Our Story

A few months back, Robby and I had the privilege of sitting down and sharing WHY we share our agriculture story. Today, the magazine article came in the mail.  I am so excited to read it!!

“If you asked your children what their dad did at work, what would they say?”


This was the burning question that brought Robby and I to knowing we must start sharing our story about raising beef.

Truthfully, I knew immediately that we hadn’t done a good job of educating our children about the beef industry. Even though I grew up on a farm, I knew I had a lot to learn as well.   How could the kids and I be good advocates for beef if we didn’t know more about our own feedyard?

Robby and I set out on a journey to become better advocates for our industry.  It had to start with our kids, family, and community before we could make an impact outside our circle.  With the help of some amazing people and resources, sharing our beef story began.

As a mom, I know the importance of making sure our busy kids have nutritious meals. As a feedyard wife, I know that my husband works hard to provide a safe, healthy beef product for consumers.  This became an avenue for me to connect with other moms.  No matter how small my voice, I must speak up and advocate for the agriculture industry and the truths about beef.

We created a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page (links on our Home page) to connect us with others in the agriculture industry.  Through these accounts, I hoped that we would be able to share a small piece of who we are and why we love raising beef.  We try to give our followers an inside look of what goes on at the farm and feedyard, interesting information about cattle and the beef industry. I also share great beef recipes and an inside peek into our family. With social media being a big part of our kids lives, it was natural for them to become involved in this aspect of telling our story.  While it is yet small, I do appreciate their involvement and they have learned from their involvement.

We always welcome visitors to our feedyard.  We have hosted various student groups and given hands-on tours of the feedyard to show what is involved in producing high quality beef.  It is an awesome experience to walk through all the parts of the feedyard to see what goes in to raising beef. I believe sharing with students is a vitally important because they are at an impressionable age.

While we may be small, my desire is to leave a positive impact regarding raising beef, farming, and nutritious beef meals.


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