Our family welcomes you to our new website. It is exciting to share our story of raising beef and kids.  I am Amy Kirkland, otherwise known as #feedyardwife on our social media accounts.  I am a school librarian by day.  When I am not working and chasing kids, I love sharing our beef story.  I hope this is an exciting journey as we talk about our family’s story of raising beef, as well as sharing some of our favorite recipes for beef.  We are proud of the work we do each day to provide your family with safe, nutritious beef.   I encourage you to follow along on our social media accounts. You will find links at the bottom of our home page.  I love to hear your questions, comments or ideas, so please jump right in.



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  1. Robbie and Amy,
    You guys have done an excellent job with the web site and blog. You are telling a great informative story and you have very good links. Congratulations on a job well done. I have also wanted to congratulate you guys with the yard expansion.

    Well done,

    1. Post

      Thank you Don. We appreciate you following along with our webpage and blog. Thank you for sharing your comments.

  2. Amy and Robbie,
    So glad to see you carrying on the tradition of “Kirkland Feedyards” and doing such a great job of continuing the legacy of Perry and Melanie. I can well remember when Perry bought the place from Pedro Scott and began repairing and restoring the equipment and pens. I watched the many expansions and improvements made on the yard while farming many acres of land. Kirkland Feedyards is a great benefactor to Vega and the surrounding area, providing a market for grain and cattle and giving employment to area people as well as supporting the youth and area functions. Keep up the good work and I enjoy your web page and Facebook posts.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. We are so blessed to be carrying on the farming and ranching legacy. Perry and Melanie have worked hard to make a business we are proud to carry on.

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