Happy 2019 from the Kirklands


We closed the door on 2018 and begin our journey into a new year.  Twenty-eighteen was a good year for our family.  I really wanted to kick-start this blog.  I was so excited.  It just didn’t happen!! Life was crazy … coordinating all of our chaos was all I could manage to do.


We were blessed in so many ways. We are thankful for our customers that entrust us with their cattle feeding needs which allowed us to expand and add pen space at the yard.  The fed cattle market had it challenges throughout the year, while beef demand and retail market sales continued to stay strong.  Like in many years, the fed cattle market had its ups and downs but all in all, it was a prosperous year.  Robby travelled to Washington D.C. as a TCFA Board Member to represent and lobby for cattleman.  My favorite is when Robby and I are able to travel together.  This year we went to San Diego, Santa Fe and San Antonio for many fun feedyard adventures.

The oldest two granddaughters, Calleigh & Bailey, graduated from high school and began a new chapter in their lives.  I am not going to lie to you, this was a hard one for me.  Leaving my girl at Oklahoma State made for a big, ugly cry for this momma.  We made several trips to visit our Cowgirl in Stillwater and even wore bright orange a time or two. I am happy to report that we all survived the first semester of college. My house and our hearts have been full this Christmas break having all the chicks back in the nest.  I love it!!!

Thankfully the other kids kept their schedules full as we were finding a new normal with the girls at college.  This kept me busy and helped with the adjustment of our new dynamics.  Football season was a blast.  The Longhorns went deep into the playoffs.  The last time the Longhorns played in the Regional Playoff game was when Robby was playing for the Vega Longhorns.  #Funfact

Here’s to another fantastic year for all of our families.

Be blessed,

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